We are Proalma

ProALma was created for the most demanding of Ho.Re.Ca. , Beauty, Wellness, Health, Food. It represents the best designers and manufacturers of professional clothing, footwear and not only .., fueling the market with the Best Value for Money. Its aim is to provide the professional with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Prior to achieving this goal, its weapons or its full range of quality products leave everyone with an excellent memory.

We are the New generation of Export management. We are conducting the export activity in an orderly, efficient and profitable manner. Since the heart of each business is marketing, export management can be termed as export marketing management. Because it needs to be managed efficiently.  So that the export should increase and exporter should get more profit and importer should get more satisfaction.
Export management means managing export marketing activity efficiently, smoothly and in an orderly manner.

C.E.O. ing. Alessandro Pardalis Maofi, dedicated to this purpose , successfully meets the requirements of each customer in such a way as to make the deviation from the legitimate result unmeasurable.


Reliability and consistency. With these standards we systematically build our relationships.

We have years of experience

We provide professional-grade services and continue at a steady pace. Our client base is constantly expanding with professionals from all levels and levels. All these years we have been providing quality services and we have been collaborating with creatives with great success and efficiency. That’s why our customers continue to show us their trust and preference to this day.

We offer quality services

Competitive market services so that your investment will work best. However, the quality of our services is non-negotiable for us, and in no way do we reduce the level of our products to make more sales. Our philosophy proposes that we maintain our professionalism, while at the same time producing high quality work.

Individual Approach

Investigating and recording your needs

Modern Technologies

Innovative ordering technologies through platforms specially designed to have a complete picture of your warehouse and your supplier’s production.

Complex Solutions

Multiple solutions and suggestions to suit your needs



We undertake exclusives of foreign producer companies in Greece by incorporating them into the Greek market.


Representation of foreign partner companies in exhibitions taking place throughout Greece.


Presenting these companies to old & new customers. We provide the entire clientele with the necessary material for the product they are dealing with (catalogs, pricelists, terms & conditions of cooperation and sales as well as their training).

Growing up-Development

Impacts on prospective new customers, presenting companies with what they view as their ultimate goal of expanding their presence in the Greek market.


Monitoring of all customers for the proper functioning and compliance of the agreed upon presentation and distribution of their products, compliance with online retail prices and more generally the supplier-company policy.

Task Assignment

Task or service you will assign to us if you are unable to complete or complete it due to lack of time or staff.


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+39 329 6730 636
+30 6982 02 61 51

Alessandro Pardalis Maofi

Export Manager
+39 329 6730 636

+30 698 2026 151




Stavroupoleos 28, 56429, Thessaloniki, Greece

+39 329 6730 636 / +30 698 2026 151


Mon. - Fri. 09:00 - 17:00



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