The Diary

In January 2001 the Dairy Farm Seggiano set up its business: the two partners and cousins Roberto Governi and Gabriele Fabbri shared the love and passion of their family’s tradition that dated back to the 60s and, until 1990, had been the fortune of their parents in the village of Seggiano.

Heirs to valuable and precious family tradition, Gabriele and Roberto joined forces and used their experience to give new life to the dairy.

The result is a range of cheeses with flavours of the past, products made using traditional methods handed down from father to son, which preserve invaluable lessons while keeping up with the times.

Constant improvements are made to obtain the perfect blend between past and present, tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and mass production.


The secret of an excellent production originated from a traditional dairy family’s recipe. Selected raw materials and dairy craftsmanship make Seggiano Pecorino exclusive and inimitable cheeses. Indeed we only use local highly valued milk coming every day from our reputed farmers.

The products of caseificio Seggiano from the freshest to the seasoned are an excellence of the territory and the dairy sector; pecorinospicca among others for the shiny white color of the pasta and the unmistakable scent that only the caciaias of the past released; the different seasonings give each one different aromas to be combined with wisdom; the recent and innovative Le Emozioni line boasts prestigious collaborations.


Seggiano is a charming little village on the slopes of Monte Amiata in the south of Tuscany, between Val d’Orcia (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the province of Grosseto. It is well known for the production of typical local products representing the truly legacy of this stunningly beautiful part of Tuscany.

Seggiano is a truly unique and unspoilt place; by visiting Seggiano you can relive the simplicity and the artisan methods that have never changed over the years in cheese production.

This is why chestnutsmushrooms and Pecorino, which The Seggiano Dairy proudly distributes worldwide, are currently the basis of a significant environment and consumer protection policy in order to save and protect the pureness and authenticity of these local products.

In a slice of our Pecorino you can find the flavours and aromas of this part of Tuscany.

Every evening Seggiano is painted with shades of pink, offering an amazing view. The roofs and the facades of this little village, perched between Monte Amiata and Val d’Orcia, magically take on a pinkish hue as sunset brings each day to an end.


Τhe secret of an excellent production originated from a traditional dairy family’s recipe.

Selected raw materials and dairy craftsmanship make Seggiano Pecorino exclusive and inimitable cheeses. Indeed we only use local highly valued milk coming every day from our reputed farmers.

Along with classical collection of Seggiano Pecorino, as Fior di SeggianoLa Regina and Dolce di Seggiano, we created exceptional pieces of cheese characterized by innovative aging process: Barriccato in Foglie di Noce, matures inside walnut leaves, Paglia e Fieno, ages in straw and hay, Grotta delle Fate, matures in tuff cave in Lazio area.

The “Affinati” line donates to cheese lovers a rich and brushwood taste thanks to its special maturing methods. Besides our brand new line “Le Emozioni” combines our dairy craftsmanship and Gabriele Ghirlanda’s creativity.

Every Seggiano Pecorino recipe derives from particular aging process and genuine selected ingredients and cover every cheese enthusiast’s taste recalling authentic flavours.

I nostri premi:

  • Premio Pienza 2014: 2° Concorso Caseario riservato ai pecorini delle province di Siena, Arezzo e Grosseto. 2° classificato Categoria Pecorino Gran Riserva di Caseificio. Onaf Siena e Arezzo
  • Partecipazione premio Pienza 2014
  • Premio Pienza 2014: 1° classificato Dolce Seggiano Categoria Pecorino Fresco di Caseificio. Onaf Siena e Arezzo
  • Premio Pienza: 1° classificato 2015 Categoria Pecorino Gran Riserva
  • Premio Pienza: 1° classificato 2015 Categoria Pecorino Crosta Fiorita
  • Franciacorta in Bianco XXI Edizione 2016 XVIII Concorso Nazionale di Assaggio Formaggio: 1° Classificato Categoria Formaggio Ovino Fresco. In collaborazione con unione provinciale agricoltori di Brescia. Castegnato (BS) 9 ottobre 2016
  • 8°Edizione Sol&Agrifood – Golosario 2017: Categoria Formaggi I Brandan. Verona 9-12 Aprile 2017