Company - Identity

Giblor’s is an Italian family driven company, founded more than 40 years ago in Carpi, in a worldwide famous district known for its strong connection to fashion and the Made in Italy style.
Giberti’s Family, still at the head of the company, has built up over the years a family-run leading manufacturing company, marked by a craft-made signature, developing professional clothes with a high fashion component.
Today Giblor’s is a market leader, its philosophy is to project and produce collections that represent the best of Italian style and traditional tailoring, conjugated to innovative technologies and full quality, and has as its objective the wellness of its clients.
Keeping a close eye on the global market development, Giblor’s aims to anticipate its changes, by promoting innovation with the enthusiasm and the creativity of an Italian business.



Interview with ing. Alessandro Pardalis Maofi, francising manager in Greece, who tells us about the evolution of the Franchising project.

What does Giblor’s offer to those who choose to be part of this project?

Professionalism is the first thing we offer, through the training of all the partners who work and will work with us, both on the product and on the sales techniques. For us, training is not only the first step of a journey together, but a broad activity that involves the transfer of all the know-how that Giblor’s assures to affiliates, from the study of the potential of the area in which to open the store to notions on drawing up a financial investment plan. We offer the opportunity to interact continuously with the company thanks to the software we provide our franchising stores to monitor sales and changes of goods every three months:
this allows us to have a more precise information on the progress of products sell-out and to change goods not sold with high-selling goods. This continuous analysis of the sold products makes it possible to have no risks on the goods that the franchisee buys and does not sell, eliminating the costs of goods.

What are the advantages of Giblor’s in the professional clothing market?

Essentially three and I think they are the ones that make us leaders: the quality of the product we offer, from the raw material to the perfect wearability on our final customer; the wide range of models in the different categories and product classes we make, this means that our proposal remains complete and that we can talk about a Giblor’s total look; the possibility of creating single-brand stores thanks to the wide and deep range of products in the catalog that we offer every year. All this allows us to believe and work on projects such as the Franchising Project: offer a
complete range of models for different sectors and professional roles, with an average price that has a relationship with the quality we offer unique.

The area of professional clothing is in full evolution: today everyone talks about a crisis in the textile sector. Isn’t it risky to invest and operate in your market?

Giblor’s is not a manufacturer and distributor of trendy and fashion clothing. The product we manufacture is workwear, so we turn to a segment of people who have
an ever-increasing need to find a quality offer that lives up to their demand. Giblor’s wears professionals working in currently growing sectors, such as catering, hospitality, wellness centers, various medical and veterinary practices, chemical laboratories.