The quality of a pasta can be seen in both its substance and form

Pasta is produced in the countryside of San Martino di Ferrara near the Tenuta Cuniola, where its sole ingredient, durum wheat, is cultivated. For over a century the Canossa family has been taking care of the fields and the factory belonging to the estate is run with enthusiasm and determination leading to outstanding farm-to-table quality.

High Protein Pasta, Pasta Di Canossa

Our history, a young pasta with a taste of tradition

The rhythms of the past interweave with our modern production process…careful selectionthe ears, proper grinding, homemade processing of the granulated pasta…

Cicle of Life

With Cycle_life we supervise with great care the entire cicle of our pasta. The whole productive process is supervised attentively and each phase is dated. We follow the “Cicle_life” of ourdurum wheat since it is only a seed: day after day, season after season, until we realize our pasta.

The Pasta Factory

Pasta di Canossa is produced in the countryside of San Martino di Ferrara.

Our pasta factory is located inside the Cuniola estate surrounded our fields of wheat that turn the colour of gold when summer comes. This is where we make our 0 km homemade pasta.


The semi-integral processing.
We chose the mill because of its quality and care in each processing stage, because we only entrust our grain to the “best hands”; this is how our granulated wheat is made. The semi-integral processing of the granulated wheat does not stress the grain as it cleans every last fibre and leaves an extra layer compared to traditional semolina, enhancing its organoleptic qualities and digestibility instead of harming them.


Our design machines give our pasta theirshapes.
The bronze design gives pasta a unique color, a full texture and a particular roughness to better absorb the sauces and enhance the taste.
The short pasta is stretched in the frames, while special rods are used for long pasta, then load everything into the carts for the drying stage.


After the slow stage of resting the pasta, we pack them in our workshops so that they are ready to decorate your table.

Our products

The protagonist of a healthy and tasty table, Pasta di Canossa presents its products all attracted to copper and high protein content.